What Are Pay Per Lead Services and What Can They Do for my Business?

Your business may only be as successful as your next phone call. When that phone stops ringing, where will new business come from? Small to medium businesses can struggle to access clients because on their own they just don’t have the reach to find that new client. So, to extend your reach several tried and true strategies may be implemented. Cold calls, advertising, networking and so on. But all those things have been around since the Flintstones and they don’t necessarily create the same return as they use to.

Many companies today are finding success utilising pay per lead services from a specialist provider.

  • What are Pay Per Lead services? High traffic websites generate a lot of interest, people with various interest spend time on these sites and they often will be motivated to make inquiries, fill out forms, and even create profiles. This information is valuable for connecting consumers to suppliers. If you are a company looking for leads in a specific industry. It is likely your customers have already indicated their interest in your speciality, and they can be discovered through hiring a pay per lead service provider. This is about bridging the gap between buyer and seller. Exactly what cold calls, advertising, and networking are designed to do, But PPL is more immediate and can be very specific.
  • What are the advantages? Pay per lead is exactly what it says. You pay for each lead, which means you receive a lead for every charge. With traditional advertising, you throw a big net, and have no guarantee. PPL is one for one. Another aspect is the PPL services are only paid for results. If they aren’t generating leads, that is their problem. Leaving you free to optimise your own business. Another advantage is that you can refocus some of your company’s energy towards production instead of searching for business.
  • What are the drawbacks? PPL companies own the leads they generate, which means they could sell those leads anywhere they like. This being the case, you could be paying for a lead that has already been shared. This brings you back to a scenario where your competition might have the same database as you, but it is very unlikely that many of your competitors do. In this sense, PPL reduces the competition for the same clients.

Pay per lead services are not going to replace your company’s promotional plan. It is best considered to be a critical addition to your sales and marketing strategy. Its function is unique and provides information that cannot be found through traditional advertising. It is a way to get names and contact information enabling you to make a focused appeal for business. Pay per lead services can be the best sales generator on your team and there is no salary to pay, if for some reason, those leads stop coming. This is a labour saving precision tool that, in the hands of a web-smart, business-savvy sales team, can take your small business to a higher level and create consistent contact with clients far outside of your usual zone of influence.



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