Twitter to hunt for ‘harmful content’ on Jan 6 — Analysis

Following reports that 700,000 people joined the left-leaning Gettr alternative in less than one week, this announcement is timely.

Twitter just before the first anniversary has established a Twitter Team to follow content related to the Jan 6 Capitol Riot.

The team will monitor any posts related to the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot, the company told Reuters in a report published Wednesday, one day ahead of the riot’s one-year anniversary. 

The new Twitter group will monitor for any tweets and videos from employees of the company. “harmful content”Or “incite violence,”The report states that. We don’t know the size of our monitoring team. 

“Our approach both before and after January 6 has been to take strong enforcement action against accounts and Tweets that incite violence or have the potential to lead to offline harm,”A Twitter spokesperson stated. 

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Twitter has been accused of biases and censorship for a long time. However, this criticism has increased significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic. Several high-profile figures were suspended from Twitter recently after spreading misinformation. 

Twitter quickly responded to the protest and suspended the account of Donald Trump. Just before the Capitol incident, Trump spoke to his DC supporters. He continued to assert that the 2020 presidential election was fraud. Although he stated to his supporters, “go home”Critics claimed that he was partly responsible for the riot. A House committee continues to probe this claim nearly one year later. 

A number of conservatives are promoting alternatives to Big Tech firms, such as Gettr which is similar to Twitter but offers no political bias orcensorship. Joe Rogan, comedian and podcaster, announced that he would open a Gettr Account in response to Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-Georgia), and Dr. Robert Malone. Rogan spoke with Malone recently, only for YouTube and Twitter to remove clips. thousandsnumber of his followers. Already, the app was labeled “pro-Trump”The mainstream media.

On the same day Twitter’s new monitoring team was announced, Gettr revealed over 700,000 new users have joined their platform since Rogan’s announcement, something the company has referred to as a “great awakening”You can also find out more about a “Joe Rogan wave.” 

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