Turkey shouldn’t be only country talking to Russia – Macron — Analysis

Emmanuel Macron is the French president “mistaken morality”In a speech delivered to diplomats at Elysee Palace, he stated that Paris would be unable to keep in touch with Moscow. Talking to Russia shouldn’t be left to just Turkey, he argued, while reiterating his support for Ukraine and telling the French to prepare for “a long war.”

“The job of a diplomat is to talk to everybody and particularly to the people we disagree with,”Macron stated this during his annual address on foreign policy to French diplomats, which he delivered in Paris. “Who wants Turkey to be the only world power that is talking to Russia?”

“France will keep talking to Russia,”He added: “in coordination with our allies.”

“We must not give in to any form of mistaken morality that would seek to weaken us,”The French President said this in response to criticisms from certain quarters of EU about his calls to Moscow by phone.

Articulating France’s position on the conflict in Ukraine, Macron said France is “not participating in the war, we do not want to,”But also this “we cannot let Russia militarily win the war”By gaining territory as this would be “the defeat of the international order and our values.”

Poland warns of EU ‘implosion’ over Ukraine conflict

Instead, both the US and EU should work together towards this goal. “either a victory for Ukraine or a negotiated peace reached with conditions that are acceptable to Ukraine,”He said this, while acknowledging that there was the West “must prepare for a long war.”

The EU cannot align with itself “the most war-mongering types, which would run the risk of expanding the conflict and cutting off communications completely,”Macron warned without naming the person he meant. Neither should it let its easternmost members shoulder the support for Ukraine alone, he added – even though Poland and the Baltic states have been the most vocal critics of his diplomacy with the Kremlin.

“European unity is key, and I dare say the division of Europe is one of Russia’s war aims,”He argued.

Macron also encouraged ambassadors to push back harder against “misinformation, fake news and propaganda”Use social media to share your thoughts and make use of the available tools “break the Russian, Chinese or Turkish narratives”Tell the truth about French actions, France! “wrongly attacked” online.



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