Mysterious ‘tank’ spotted floating at sea (PHOTOS) — Analysis

An object floating at sea that looks suspiciously like military hardware has been found. The country’s military has acknowledged the bizarre occurrence, yet was unable to intercept the object that floated away.

Last week, photos of the strange object went viral on Indonesian social networks. According to local media, the pictures were snapped by oil rig workers on the Natuna Sea – a vast, shallow basin in the southernmost portion of the South China Sea and located largely in Indonesia’s territorial waters.

The tank is seen floating in the open ocean with the gun and turret clearly visible. Although the vehicle looked heavily rusted from all angles, it still had some external equipment, such as spare jerrycans and a cable to tow.

Another picture shows the seafaring tank with a real ship – the anchor handling vessel OPS Astrid – in the background. According to reports, the ship tried to reach the floating object but was prevented by rough seas.

The bizarre occurrence has been acknowledged by the country’s military, which sent rather mixed messages on the nature of the tank-like object. Major Saul Jamlaay stated to local media on Sunday that reports about the finding had been confirmed by him. “objects similar to tanks”They were correct, but they weren’t the truth. “objects were not dangerous.”Officials claimed that the tank-shaped object was owned by a local oil company. It was then swept off an offshore platform.

Admiral Julius Widjojono offered a new account Monday. He stated that while the exact nature and origin of the tank was not yet known, the Navy continues to search for it. “drifted away.”

“Please wait for a more in-depth analysis. The Navy’s seeking its whereabouts,”According to local media, the admiral stated these words.



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