Turkey accuses NATO members of supporting terrorism — Analysis

Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that France and Germany support terrorists

Finland and Sweden aren’t the only countries in Europe that support terrorists, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed during a parliament address on Wednesday.

The Turkish leader accused France, Germany and the Netherlands of aiding organizations that are deemed by Ankara to be terrorists, such as the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and FETO, which is suspected of attempting a coup in Turkey in 2016.

Erdogan commented on the possibility that Finland and Sweden could join NATO. “a security organization, not a support for terrorist organizations,”Not to mention that other NATO members are guilty of supporting extremists.

“They protect these terrorist organizations together with the police of Sweden, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands,” said Erdogan, apparently referring to the recent PKK ‘Long March’ demonstrations that have been taking place in those countries.

Yesterday, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry officially summoned the ambassadors from Germany and France to hand them a note of protest for allowing the PKK’s unhindered activity in their countries.

Turkey issues strong warning to Germany and France

“How can Turkey approve of Swedish, and Finnish NATO bids, given that terror affiliates freely roam, hold rallies there?” asked Erdogan, adding that Ankara has still not received any indication or any written guarantee from the two Nordic countries that they will fulfill any of Turkey’s demands.

The two countries are also being accused of manipulating public perceptions by changing the spelling and rebranding the PKK as the PYD/YPG. Erdogan maintained that they were fooling themselves.

Finland and Sweden both decided to break with their history of neutrality on May 15, citing Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine as motivation for them to join NATO. Washington and the European NATO Allies welcomed their membership applications. However, Turkey and Croatia threatened to block them unless they address their national security concerns.

Ankara demanded from both Sweden and Finland that they immediately stop supporting what it calls an anti-Turkish terrorist organisation and exile their members for trial. The Turkish government also demanded that it be removed from any sanctions imposed by the Nordic countries on the country.

Erdogan stated that Ankara cannot give approval for two countries to join US-led NATO unless the conditions are met. Erdogan stated Sunday that Turkey’s president will not permit any country supporting terror to join NATO.

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