Phaneesh Murthy and Consulting Firm Primentor Re-engineer Companies for Rapid Growth

Tech and marketing mogul Phaneesh Murthy is well-known in the global business community for pioneering disruptive innovations that drive massive growth. Over the past 30 years, he has held the roles of President, CEO, Board Member, Consultant, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, and more at numerous major companies. Time and time again, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability for turning stagnating, low-revenue companies into billion-dollar firms in just a few years. 

Since 2013, Murthy has been mentoring senior executives to achieve similar successes through his advisory agency, Primentor, Inc. Since its founding by Phaneesh Murthy, who currently serves as CEO, Primentor has become an esteemed agency worldwide, providing major firms with hands-on guidance in the areas of IT, business strategies, and restructuring.

Phaneesh Murthy: A Record of Transformational Success

Who is Phaneesh Murthy? Born and raised in India, Murthy is credited with catalyzing massive growth at some of the largest tech firms before they became the global giants they are today.

Murthy pioneered his first major disruption as Head of Global Sales and Marketing for the Indian tech firm Infosys. At the time (in the early 90s), Infosys was generating just $2 million in revenue—a far cry from the $17.5 billion in revenue it does today. Murthy created the Global Delivery Model (GDM), a business model that enables IT companies to deliver services from global locations. GDM was a game-changer for Infosys and the tech industry as a whole. In under a decade, Infosys’s revenues skyrocketed to $750M and its enterprise value grew by 2000x to $13.5 billion.

Phaneesh Murthy left Infosys after a decade and raised capital to start his own company which he very quickly merged with and  became CEO of another IT firm, iGATE. This struggling loss making company was reporting nearly zero revenue when Murthy stepped in and developed the iTOPS (Integrated Technology & Operations) model, a system that streamlines relationships between outsourcers and clients. He leveraged this model over the next decade, growing iGATE’s revenue to $1.2 billion. 

Before and during the founding of Primentor, Phaneesh Murthy has brought transformational change to many other companies, including CSS Corp and Cigniti Technologies

Primentor: Re-engineering Companies for Growth

In 2013, Phaneesh Murthy founded the California-based advisory agency Primentor, Inc. Primentor provides guidance to senior executives of younger firms striving to become industry leaders. Often, Primentor’s clients have enjoyed prior success but are now slowed down or stagnated in value. Murthy has identified a few common reasons for this slowdown in growth, which can be traced to the actions of executives. 

“Many business leaders lack focus, doing whatever comes their way instead of defining a clear goal and doing it,” Murthy explains. “Another block to growth is fear of re-engineering. Leaders must be willing to tear apart their company to restructure it for growth.”  

Primentor provides executives with the hands-on guidance they need to “re-engineer” their companies for continued growth. With Murthy at the helm, Primentor helps businesses do the hard work of reconstructing and identifying new outlets for value, such as building new intellectual property, identifying new niches, and offering differentiated services. 

Primentor doesn’t limit its client base to younger businesses. It has also worked with Fortune 500s, helping them develop similar paths for growth. When Phaneesh Murthy speaks of his clients’ growth, he doesn’t mean 5-7% annually. “When I say good growth paths, I’m saying all of these companies are experiencing growth of roughly 15-30% per year.” 

Primentor’s Footprints of Success Across the Globe

While Primentor does not disclose the names of its clients, it has been behind some of the most significant business restructurings of the past decade. 

One notable client was a Silicon Valley-based staffing company. Primator stepped in and helped the firm transform into a tech services company specializing in digital web engineering. After the restructuring, the company’s EBITDA expanded dramatically and the enterprise value jumped from $28 million to $160 million. 

Another large client, a 130+ year old US insurance company, underwent a digital transformation with the help of Primentor. Bogged down by entrenched practices, Phaneesh Murthy helped the company adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a more robust underwriting and a modernized customer experience. 

A large UK-based bank sought Primentor’s help to cut ballooning costs. Primentor guided them through restructuring to automate processes and enhance employee efficiency, resulting in the removal of about £1 billion from its cost structure. 

Primentor has also worked with brands in Asia and the EU, and it continues to seek clients willing to make bold moves to open new paths to growth. 

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