Chemical castration backed for repeat rapists in Pakistan — Analysis

As Pakistani parliament supports new legislation to combat the rising number of sexual offences, criminals who are convicted in multiple cases could be subject to chemical castration.

On Wednesday, the MPs voted for amendments to current legislation that allow speedy prosecution and severer punishments for rapists.

With the consent of the prisoner, they introduce both the death penalty and a life sentence to gang rape.

In the bill, chemical castration is described as a procedure through which chemicals can be used to treat diseases. “A person has been rendered ineligible to have sexual intercourse during any part of their lives, according to the Court through drug administration.”

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High court rules Pakistan’s ‘two-finger’ virginity test for rape victims unconstitutional

To ensure that sexual assault cases get convicted, special courts will be established in all 50 states. “Expedited, at least within 4 months.“If chemical castingration is applied as a punishment, it”shall be done through a notified board of medical experts.”According to the updated legislation.

Mushtaq, who is a senator from the religious Jamaat-i-Islami Party, earlier decried the bill for being un-Islamic. Ahmed said that Sharia does not contain any mention of chemical castingration, and that public executions for rapists will be carried out.

Pakistan has joined South Korea, Poland and the Czech Republic in resorting to drugs for the reduction of the libidos of repeated sex offenders.

In response to widespread public outrage over an increase in cases of both female and child rape in Pakistan, President Arif Alvi put the measure on the table one year ago.

Amnesty International condemned chemical castration back then. “cruel and inhumane”Islamabad should instead be focusing on its reforms, rather than treatment “flawed”To ensure justice for all victims and the justice system.

Local NGO War Against Rape stated last year to Reuters that less than 3% sexual assault and rape cases in Pakistan lead to a conviction.

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