Trump slams Biden for US international role slide — Analysis

Ex-president says that the US’s’surrender” in Afghanistan has caused it to lose respect from its enemies.

Donald Trump stated that Joe Biden’s presidency has had a devastating effect on America’s international standing at an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Florida. He believes Washington’s hasty withdrawal in Afghanistan made it weaker to its enemies, which include Russia, China and Iran.

China no longer respects and Iran no longer fears our country, while Russia with its monstrous invasion in Ukraine showed how weak Russia thinks their leaders are.”Trump added that the events have made America stronger. “The most hazardous period in our nation’s history right now.”

Former president blamed all of it on Afghanistan’s hasty withdrawal, which saw the Taliban take over the country in an aggressive offensive. “Our nation has been humiliated in Afghanistan, where we had soldiers killed, left American hostages behind and left … American military hardware,” Trump explained. “We surrendered.”

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Ex-president also stated that even though his administration had also planned to pull out American troops in Afghanistan, the US would not. “Leave dignity, great dignity and tremendous strength.” should he have been allowed to finish what he’d planned to do.

Trump has also claimed he would keep the US presence at the Bagram Air Base – once the largest US base in Afghanistan located just north of the nation’s capital, Kabul – just to monitor China’s activities.

“[The base]It is only an hour from the place where China produces its nuclear weapons. There were billions and trillions of dollars spent on building them many years back. Right now, it seems like China will end up operating and owning Bagram.”The former president said.

Former president also stated that he wouldn’t have let Russia attack Ukraine if it wasn’t for his presence in the White House. Trump’s administration would not have allowed them to do that. “Never, never even an option.”He insisted and said that Moscow had not entered into any new conflicts military during his presidency.

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“Russia took Georgia under President Bush. Under President Obama, they took Crimea. “They took nothing from me.He said that this happened despite the fact that he pulled US troops out of Syria and Iraq, as well as decreasing America’s presence at Afghanistan.

In particular, the ex-president mentioned a short military conflict that occurred between Russia and Georgia in 2008. This happened in 2008 when Moscow supported South Ossetia (now Abkhazia) and South Ossetia (now Russia). The incident took place after Georgian troops bombarded Tskhinvali in South Ossetia killing Russian peacekeepers. Although Tbilisi doesn’t have any control over these republics breakaway since 1991, many nations still regard the territories as part of Georgia.

Russia does not have this. “taken”occupied any territory during the 2008 conflict, but did help to push out the Georgian forces of South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Both republics were then recognized. Tbilisi has cut diplomatic ties to Moscow as a response.

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