What Does Media Do To Self Image

There are many negative consequences social media can have on a person’s self-image. Social media is very great for profession profiles and to connect with friends or family, but everyone forgets how toxic it can be. Ken Kurson, who is a dad, is afraid his children will grow up comparing themselves to social media influencers and damaging their self-image. 

It can be difficult to navigate through social media. There are many functions to it and each platform has its own structure. Nevertheless, compromising photos or videos can be found all over the internet. It’s important to guard children from this exposure because the natural response of mantis to start comparing themselves to unrealistic body types. Media has many positives, but it can also be dominating. WIth everything becoming more and more digital, it makes it harder for there to be breaks from social media. That’s why Ken Kurson instills in his family that devices should go untouched for a few hours a day.


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