Top Hobbies to Start in the New Year for the Gun Enthusiast

Guns can be a great pastime. From learning everything about them to shooting them at your local range, you may find that guns are just the hobby for you. The best part is that your hobby of guns can spark many new hobbies that you can enjoy in the upcoming new year.


Reloading is a hobby that allows gun owners the ability to get back to their once primitive nature of providing for themselves. With a little equipment and some supplies, you can start to reload brass for the guns that you own. Before you know it, you’ll be reloading brass bullets for all of your friends to shoot in their own guns.

Reloading brass brings along many awesome benefits. The first one we touched on a bit above. You can get back to your primitive roots and learn how people one hundred years ago reloaded their own shells. Reloading also allows you to be more particular with your load. You can try different combinations, within reason, to formulate a more precise shell than you’ll find at your typical gun store. It’s also much cheaper to reload your own brass shells than buy new ones at the store.

Gun Build Kits

Building your own gun is another great way to get back to your primitive nature. There are many gun building kits that you can buy online and in-store. When you purchase one of these kits, you can construct a gun with your unique preference. From the length of the barrel to the design of the stock, you can choose items that are unique to your liking.

While over time, you’ll likely end up purchasing individual parts to put together into one gun, that’s not the best option to start out with. Many people make this mistake in the beginning and never end up constructing a gun. Instead, you should start with a gun build kit that includes all of the parts that you need. Once you get comfortable putting these together, then you can upgrade to picking out and purchasing each part individually.

Competition Shooting

If you love shooting your guns, then you should consider joining in some local competition shooting. A quick look at the NRA website will reveal over 11,000 shooting tournaments that take place across the country. There are different areas of competition that you may be interested in.

There are semi-auto rifle competitions, pistol competitions, and so forth. We’re sure there is a specific competition out there for the type of gun that you love to use. The best part is that many of these competitions offer cash prizes and the ability to participate in more events. This hobby can bring you in the dough while you enjoy doing what you love.


If you’re an avid gun collector, it’s likely you’ve considered the hobby of hunting. Depending on where you live, there will be different big and small game prey that you can hunt. Most states simply require that you take a short one or two day course to get a permit to obtain your hunting license. Most hunting licenses are fairly cheap, ranging in at about $20 to $40 per year.

Hunting is a great way to get back to your primitive nature. You get to head out to the woods or water and hunt down your meal. It’s hard to explain the feeling when you take down your first big buck, or you shoot down that massive black bear. It’s just something that you’ll have to try for yourself to really understand.

Interest in guns can open up a wide array of various hobbies that may interest you. From constructing your own weapon to taking to the woods to stock your intended prey, guns open up a whole new world for people. If you’ve developed a love for guns, we suggest that you try out some of these awesome hobbies in the new year to come.



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