US considers sending ‘kamikaze drones’ to Ukraine – media — Analysis

Explosive drones are said to be part of a ‘wishlist’ of American weapons sought by Kiev

The Biden administration is weighing whether to send explosives-laden ‘Switchblade’ drones to Ukraine, NBC News reported on Wednesday. These aircraft can hover above enemy lines and then propel themselves towards an enemy. This is just one weapon system Kiev requested from the US.

AeroVironment of Virginia manufactures the drones. There are two types: one that targets individuals and another that targets cars. The robotic bombs are equipped with explosives and guidance systems as well as cameras. They can also fly 50 miles above ground to hit a target.

These “kamikaze”The drones are much cheaper than the larger, more complex vehicles. They also have a lower cost than any single-use ammunition that America has provided to Ukraine recently. A single Javelin launch system and missile costs $178,000, according to the Pentagon’s 2021 budget, while an anti-personnel Switchblade drone costs $6,000, NBC reported.

Ukraine ready to buy anti-aircraft systems on credit, Zelensky says

Unknown is how many drones the US holds, what speed they can be delivered to Ukraine, or how much training Ukrainian soldiers would require to properly operate them. NBC has reported that only the UK was authorized to acquire the deadly robots.

On Tuesday, the Congressional Republicans wrote to Biden along with other officials to ask them to send cash to Kiev for their military assistance. “without delay,”Include weapons made from an a “wish list”Zelensky submitted the following.

There are several weapons on this list. “armed drones, anti-ship missiles, ‘off-the-shelf’ electronic jamming equipment and surface-to-air missiles that can strike aircraft at higher altitudes,”NBC News reported the story, citing unnamed Washington sources. Republicans called for the administration’s assistance in sending Soviet-era warplanes, recently donated to America by Poland. However, Russia might view the delivery of these planes into Ukraine as an act war and Biden so far has refused to oblige.

After a speech by Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky to Congress on Wednesday night, President Joe Biden will likely discuss a package of new military assistance for Ukraine. Zelensky called on the US to increase its sanctions against Moscow and impose “a new package of military aid for Ukraine” during his speech. “humanitarian no-fly zone”We implore America’s lawmakers to pray for Ukraine “is this too much to ask?”Alternativly, he requested S-300 aircraft defense systems or fighter planes.

While imposing this zone would counter Russia’s air superiority over the country, there are fears that it would also bring NATO troops into direct conflict with Russia, and in the words of Biden, would lead to a “third world war.”

Moscow attacked its neighbor in late February, following a seven-year standoff over Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, and Russia’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics in Donetsk and Lugansk. French- and German-brokered protocols were designed to normalize those areas within Ukraine’s state.

Russia now demands that Ukraine declare itself neutral and vows to not join NATO’s military bloc. Kiev maintains that Russia’s offensive was not provoked and denies claims that it planned to seize the two republics.



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