Robinson Financial Group: The Midwest’s Leading Life Insurance Advisory Firm

As a third generation, family-owned business, Robinson Financial Group focuses its practice entirely on helping its clients stay close to what matters in their lives. The company’s leadership represents a rich history and commitment to keeping the promises that were made to families and businesses years ago. The practice specializes in estate planning, health insurance and other corporate and personal financial services that help ensure a better future for families and their loved ones; and businesses and their employees.

The economically depressed conditions that have been wrought by the Coronavirus health pandemic have created an environment where too many people are finding themselves in a position where they cannot afford to continue paying their premiums on their life insurance policies. When one stops paying their premiums on their life insurance policies, they risk their policies lapsing. In other words, these same policies that the consumer has spent in some cases decades paying into, can now fall right by the waist-side.

Fortunately, there’s a way that these same consumers can salvage their life insurance policies even with their economic conditions having drastically changed. Robinson Financial Group has been on the receiving end of dozens of phone calls and queries from families, businesses and institutions since the start of this pandemic, seeking to restructure their life insurance policies.

Restructuring one’s policies can indeed not only salvage the policy itself but also put the consumer in a far more expedient position to be able to financially manage the policy and its premium payments going forward.

Robinson Financial Group’s unique skillset is in no way limited to life insurance. In addition to life insurance portfolio management, the team specializes in providing private client services in the form of wealth and business transfer; disability income; and health and Medicare policies. For its corporate client services, the team offers skills in employee benefits; executive bonus and carve outs; retirement and deferred compensation; and protection for property, casualty and liability insurance.

It’s during changes as seismic as the ones that have been brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic that specialists like those at Robinson Financial Group are in great demand, and certainly for good reason. Although in-person appointments might not be ideal for every consumer in this environment, the team at Robinson Financial is providing its customer base with Zoom appointments and other virtual opportunities. Their website can be found here. Consistent with their restructuring services being in strong demand during these difficult times, their principals Allan Kaplan and Elliott Robinson have been on Fox News Radio numerous times, lending thoughtful commentary on related subjects. The collection of those interviews can be found on the firm’s YouTube page. The firm’s principals Allan Kaplan and Elliott Robinson are also both contributors to Newsmax where they share their expertise on various matters related to financial services.


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