Top Companies Offering Great Maternity Benefits

From prenatal care to doctor visits, having a child comes with a hefty price tag. Women seeking in-vitro fertilization (IVF) have even more costs to consider. That’s why a growing number of employees are demanding increased maternity benefits from their organizations. 

Thankfully, some companies are listening. From extended paid leave to financial assistance, businesses are working with women to create a brighter future for mothers and children alike. These are the top companies offering great maternity leave benefits. 


Whether you sign on as a barista, district manager, or decision scientist, Starbucks is prepared to help mothers with two key benefits. The company offers $20,000 to women undergoing IVF, which is especially helpful during first trimester monitoring, while those looking to adopt can receive up to $10,000 to help cover the cost. These benefits are available to both full- and part-time employees. 

Morgan Stanley 

This multinational investment bank and financial services company provides a comprehensive maternity leave program for all their employees. Women have the choice to take a full sixteen weeks of paid leave immediately upon becoming pregnant. Alternatively, women can take eight weeks following a birth or adoption with another eight weeks at the ready anytime in the next twelve months. 


Noted by the New York Times, Cerner offers assistance for adoption as well as leave for their employees. Women undergoing IVF also have access to free genetic screening of embryos. That’s excellent news, and the company has various open roles available. 


Unilever takes a progressive approach to IVF. Their employees are eligible for reimbursement on fertility costs throughout the process. Benefits include reimbursement for in vitro fertilization, surrogacy expenses, and egg freezing. They also cover a wide range of other fertility expenses. 


MassMutual also pays for its employees genetic screening of embryos. They also offer eighteen weeks of paid leave to new mothers. For fathers, adoptive parents, and non-birth mothers, the company offers eight weeks of fully paid leave. 

More Companies Joining the Revolution

Other companies worth your consideration include Viacom, Snap, Intel, Pinterest, and Bank of America. More are expected to join this movement to give new parents more time to care for their children as maternity benefits sweep the nation. However, not everyone is so open to change.

Discrimination against women in the workplace remains a prevalent issue in the United States, with many being wrongfully terminated or offered leave only to find their job no longer exists upon their return to work. 

If you feel that this has happened to you, it’s essential that hire an attorney to help you build a pregnancy discrimination case. While your legal professional of choice handles your case, focus on putting your skills to good use with a company that respects women. 

All of those mentioned above regularly have open roles to fill as they expand, making this the perfect time to find employment with an organization that values your choice to become a mother and understands the cost behind that decision. 


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