Tokyo subway attacker wore ‘Joker’ costume and sought death sentence, stabbed 17 people before starting fire – reports — RT World News

According to witnesses and police, 17 people were stabbed on a Tokyo subway liner. The suspect, who also set a fire on board the train, was reportedly dressed as Batman’s ‘Joker’.

The 24-year-old suspect was arrested on Sunday night after allegedly stabbing 17 people on a train heading toward Shinjuku, the world’s busiest train station. The Tokyo Fire Department confirmed to AP that only three of 17 victims sustained serious injuries. According to NHK, NHK, Japanese state news agency, the suspect set fire to parts of the train carriage using flammable liquid.

Witnesses described the suspect as dressed in the purple suit and green shirt of ‘The Joker’, a villain from the Batman comic books. Japanese Twitter users shared photos and videos showing the suspect, who was allegedly carrying a knife, smoking on the train car shortly before his arrest.

According to AP, the suspect told police that he was planning to murder and receive death sentence. He also claimed that he got inspiration from a train stabbing incident, citing Nippon Television.

Two weeks ago, a man aged 45 was taken into custody for stabbing two people at Tokyo’s Ueno Station. Both victims were hospitalized and the suspect – who was reportedly “rambling incoherently” and carrying a bloody knife – was soon apprehended by police. is also available
Ten people were injured in a knife attack on a Tokyo train. Suspect detained following escape

A 36-year old man attacked 10 commuters on a suburban Tokyo train and then fled the scene. NHK reports that the man was quickly arrested and told police that his goal was to kill women. “looked happy.”

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