Germany to bring back Covid-19 masks, justice minister says — Analysis

The effectiveness of face coverings in preventing the spread of the virus is “undisputed,” Marco Buschmann says

As part of the new measures to stop Covid-19 spreading, Germans will need to use face masks in their homes this fall. This is according Marco Buschmann, Justice Minister.

Covid-19 has begun its summer wave “losing momentum”In the country “but we have to take very seriously what awaits us in autumn and winter,”In an interview on Friday with Berliner Morgenpost, Buschmann stated these words.

Minister said that the government is “thoroughly”Preparing to combat the virus. I was certain that we would have effective countermeasures in place before the end July. These would be discussed with the authorities in Germany’s 16 states next month and sent to parliament in September.

“The effectiveness of masks for individuals indoors is undisputed. That’s why a form of mask requirement indoors will certainly play a role in our concept,”He stated.

Buschmann claims that the cabinet is already developing requirements for masks in public transport.

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However, the minister pointed out that Germany’s new anti-Covid rules would be “proportionate” and aimed at protecting not just the people’s health, but also their fundamental rights.

“We agree within the coalition that there will be no more lockdowns, no blanket school closures and no curfews. These are inappropriate tools in the third year of the pandemic,”He stated.

“Carelessly locking people up at home or bringing public life to a standstill”You would imitate “Chinese conditions,”Buschmann said that he is part of the antilockdown liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP).

This was in reference to the strict lockdowns that were implemented in Wuhan and Shanghai during the pandemic.

In order to stop rising infection rates, the previous German government under Chancellor Angela Merkel used curfews and lockdowns in 2020-2021.

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These measures cannot be justified because “high mental and socio-psychological effects, not to mention the consequences for the education of young people… A millstone was put around the neck of a whole generation of pupils and students,”The justice minister stated.

Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus from the World Health Organization called earlier in this week for countries to restore their status. “public health social measures like masking, distancing and ventilation.”

Pandemics are on the horizon “nowhere near over,”He insisted on his point, noting the increasing number of Covid-19-related cases. Over 5.7 Million new infections were reported during the week from July 4-10. This is a 6 percent increase over the previous week.



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