US investigating complaints of self-braking Hondas — Analysis

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), approximately 1.7 million Hondas of newer models could stop without the driver’s instruction because the auto emergency brake systems are defective. 

On Thursday, the agency posted documents on its website announcing that it was investigating. Honda owners complained about their vehicles being stopped unexpectedly, making them more vulnerable to rear-end collisions.

According to the NHTSA, 278 people complained that this problem could occur in 2017-2019 CRV SUVs or 2018 and 2019 Accord sedans. According to the NHTSA, the problem can be caused by sudden braking or without warning. Six of six cases were reported by Honda owners who claimed that their braking problem caused minor collisions. 

Tesla is facing another investigation

Although the probe might lead to recalls of the affected models, the agency stated that it will first assess the severity of the issue.

An investigation was announced by the watchdog just weeks after it had said that it would launch a formal inquiry into 416,000 Tesla vehicle models. This follows the announcement of an investigation following complaints received from agency employees about sudden brake activation due to Autopilot’s driver assistance system.

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