Thousands Stranded in China Resort City Amid COVID Lockdown

BEIJING — Some 80,000 tourists are stranded in the southern Chinese beach resort of Sanya, after authorities declared it a COVID-19 hot spot and imposed a lockdown.

Authorities sought to stop the spread of COVID-19 on the island’s tropical Hainan city. The new restrictions were in effect on Saturday morning. On Friday, there were 229 cases confirmed and another 129 on Saturday.

China’s ruling Communist Party sticks steadfastly to a “zero-COVID” approach that is increasingly at odds with the rest of the world. A recent outbreak in Shanghai spread so widely that authorities locked down the entire city, China’s largest, for two months, trapping millions of people and dealing a blow to the national economy.

All ticket sales to Sanya by railway authorities were halted, and all Saturday flights were cancelled.

Authorities stated that tourists who want to leave Sanya must test positive for coronavirus using five PCR tests in seven days.

According to a spokesperson for the city, 50% will be offered by hotels during the lockdown.

It is during peak season for tourism in Sanya (famous for its beach resorts and hotels).

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