Now You Can ‘Snooze’ Push Notifications From Your Twitter Android App

Twitter right now is in the way of discovering a new feature which will allow you to mute push notifications for a specific time. Jane Manchun Wong first found this thing, which is known to find out unique and unreleased features on popular social media apps. She looked at the code underneath the twitter app and spotted a built-in bell-shaped snooze button which was just at the top right corner of the notifications tab. When she tapped it, she discovered the Snooze Notifications panel, and that helps in muting push notifications for 12 hours max. You can snooze notifications for one, two, or 12 hours, and once you turn on that button, the notifications will continue to pile up in the “Notifications” tab of the Twitter app. Hence, you can catch up on that anytime you want.

After discovering this feature, Wong said in one of her blog posts, “Seeing the blue circle of push notifications popping up our Twitter app often sparks joy. For example, when your tweet went viral, your phone might keep buzzing nonstop. Sometimes, there might be a desire to pause the stream of push notifications on Twitter. Now Twitter has a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you pause push notifications for a specific amount of time.

Twitter also said on Tuesday that it could use up your data to personalize ads and that too without your permission because of the use of microblogging website’s settings. However, the company also stated that they recently discovered these flaws and immediately fixed them on Monday. They have not found out who have been impacted by this issue. Consumer data is, no doubt a powerful tool that helps advertisers recognize user interest and thus displays advertisements accordingly.


Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth is an American technology journalist and author. Sarah is that the former co-host of internet video show on Yahoo. She was a technical school Ticker and was a journalist at BusinessWeek. Sarah was a journalist at TechCrunch till Nov 19, 2011. She is that the author of three books: Once you’re Lucky, double you’re sensible (2008), that additionally goes below the title. The Stories of Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace; good, Crazy, Cocky: however the highest I Chronicles of Entrepreneurs cash in on international Chaos (2011); and A womb may be a Feature, Not A Bug (2017).

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