Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he has plan to end Ukraine conflict — Analysis

The president of South America’s biggest country has claimed to have a solution for ending the conflict in Eastern Europe

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he’s figured out how to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but he won’t share his plan with anyone until he pitches it to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky next week.

“I’ll tell him my opinion, what I think,”Bolsonaro spoke to reporters Thursday. “The solution to this, I know how it could be resolved, but I won’t tell anyone.”

Zelensky and the Brazilian leader are scheduled to talk by phone Monday. “This war has been causing huge disruption, less for Brazil, much more for Europe,”Bolsonaro spoke.

Although he declined to give details about his peace plan, he stated that the conflict could be solved. “like how Argentina’s war with the UK ended in 1982.”In April 1982, Argentina attacked the British-controlled Falkland Islands. The UK sent a large naval taskforce to assist. The Argentinian forces lost and Buenos Aires was forced to surrender in June 1982.

Brazil seeking Russian fuel supply – Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro caused the fury of Joe Biden in February when he made a plan to visit Moscow, just days after Russia launched its offensive against Ukraine. He adopted a neutral stance on the conflict and declined to join in a US-led attempt to isolate and cripple Moscow through international sanctions.

Brazil has secured an ongoing supply of fertilizers in Russia since last week. Bolsonaro said his country might buy low-cost Russian diesel cargoes.



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