The Queen’s Coffin Arrives in Edinburgh. What Happens Next?

Days after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on Sept. 8, her coffin traveled with a seven-car cortege from Balmoral Castle to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, as mourners in surrounding citiesBefore the September 19th state funeral, many paid respect to Queen Elizabeth. This was just the start of the journey that would take her eight days to her final resting site.

Residents gathered at bridges including Queensferry Crossing which Queen Elizabeth II opened for the first time in 2017 by Prince Philip. On the way, thousands gathered to give tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. who lined up their tractors in Aberdeenshire.

The Queen’s coffin, topped with a wreath of flowers—including dahlias, sweet peas, and pine fir from the Balmoral Estate— and draped in a Scottish flag, passed through places the Queen frequented. The country is famous for Queen Elizabeth II’s summers spent there over the decades.

Princess Anne accompanied her mother’s coffin for the six-hour trip to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is the Queen’s official residence in the country. A Royal Salute from the Guard of Honor was given.

On Monday, King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, will follow the coffin in procession to St. Giles’ Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. For the public’s respects, the Queen will be there from Monday through Tuesday.

The Queen’s coffin will then fly into London, accompanied by Princess Anne, according to Buckingham Palace.

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Scotland?

The Queen’s coffin will reach England’s capital at 8pm BST on Tuesday, Sept. 13, where it will be taken to Buckingham Palace and placed in the Bow Room. On Wednesday, it will be moved to Westminster Hall for the lying-in-state for four full days until the Queen’s funeral. Last member of Royal Family, Queen Mother, who was mother to Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, was in Westminster.

Soldiers that served the Royal Family will guard the Queen’s coffin, which will bear the Imperial State Crown, orb, and scepter on top.

On Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral, which has been declared a holiday in the United Kingdom. The Queen’s coffin will be taken in procession to Westminster Abbey. Because Queen Elizabeth held her wedding and coronation at Westminster over six decades ago, this place holds great historical importance.

The state funeral for her will be held at 11am BST. After that, the coffin is taken to the Wellington Arch and then on to Windsor. A final committal service will take place at St. George’s Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Prince Philip’s funeral was held just last year.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault, a burial chamber that currently holds 25 Royal Family members. However, her final resting place will be at King George VI’s memorial chapel, where Prince Philip will also be transferred so they can lie to rest together.

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