Chinese 737 With 133 People Aboard Crashes in Guangxi

(BEIJING) — A Chinese airliner with 133 people on board crashed in the southern province of Guangxi on Monday, state media has reported.

CCTV reported that the incident involved a Boeing 737 from China Eastern Airlines and took place near Wuzhou, Teng County.

According to the statement, rescuers were sent and no information was available on how many people had died or been injured.

Shanghai-based China Eastern is one of China’s top three airlines, operating scores of domestic and international routes serving 248 destinations.

It appeared that Flight No. According to FlightRadar24 data, the flight that crashed was Flight No. MU5735. It flew from Kunming into Guangzhou. The Boeing 737-89P lost its speed quickly after 0620 GMT, before entering a steep descent.

Just southwest of Wuzhou, China, the plane stopped sending data.

This aircraft, which was more than six years old, was shipped to China Eastern by Boeing in June 2015.

The twin-engine, single aisle Boeing 737 is one of the world’s most popular planes for short and medium-haul flights.

China Eastern owns multiple versions of the same aircraft, such as the 737 Max or the 737 800.

After two deadly crashes, the 737 Max was grounded around the world. China’s aviation regulator cleared that plane to return to service late last year, making the country the last major market to do so.

China’s last deadly crash of a civilian jetliner was in 2010.

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