Tens of thousand march ‘for freedom’ in Australian cities (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Protesters thronged the streets of Australian cities on Saturday, demanding an end to what they called the “tyranny” and “oppression” of lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and the proposed expansion of the governments’ pandemic powers.

In Melbourne, Sky News reporter Sophie Elsworth described “tens of thousands of people streaming through the streets.” The march in Melbourne came after a week of smaller protests, aimed at Victoria Premier Dan Andrews’ controversial pandemic bill, which if approved by the state’s legislature would allow Andrews and Health Minister Martin Foley to declare an indefinite state of emergency and issue public health orders by decree – including “any order … that the minister believes is reasonably necessary to protect public health.”

Andrews would be able to use this bill to make targeted arrests against certain groups of people if the bill passes. He could also divide them according their age, occupation or vaccination status. Noncompliance could result in fines of up to AU$21800 for individuals and AU$109,000 if it is committed by businesses.

Other media reports claimed more than 100,000 people turned up to demonstrate. The demonstration was not a part of violent protests like those in Melbourne over the past few months.

“Australia has been willing to send troops to all parts of the world to help people become free,”One military veteran spoke to a large crowd during the demonstration. “To now be fighting oppression here in our own country, it’s saddening.”

Huge protestors also took part in Sydney. Although 600 police officers were on duty to supervise the crowd, 9News reported that there were no arrests.

Holding signs decrying state “tyranny,”They chanted “freedom”He demanded that state politicians be fired. They have created a system of two levels where unvaccinated people are not allowed to enjoy many of the same privileges as fully jabbed.

Similar massive protests also took place in Adelaide and Brisbane. However, there were no incidents of violence nor police action. Further afield, protests are taking place in more than 120 cities around the world this weekend, in a loosely-coordinated event dubbed the ‘World Wide Rally For Freedom’ by activists.

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