Biden pledges not to send American military to Ukraine — Analysis

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine took center stage during the US president’s State of the Union address

American legislators have been assured by President Joe Biden that no US military personnel will take part in the conflict in Ukraine and that not one service member of the US will go to Eastern Europe to combat the Russian Army. Delivering his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, Biden stressed that the US “Russian forces have not entered the conflict in Ukraine and forces there are not participating.

However, according to the US leader, American troops, air squadrons and warships are being deployed elsewhere on the continent in order to “If Putin chooses to move westward, NATO will defend its allies.” Biden named Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as the countries where the US military presence was being beefed up.

The American president went on to warn Moscow that, in keeping with NATO’s Article 5 principle, Washington would come to its NATO allies’ rescue should Russia target them, adding that the military bloc was prepared to “We will defend all of NATO’s territories with our full collective force.

Europe ‘not at war with Russia’ – EU diplomacy chief

While it’s not sending troops to Ukraine, the US will provide the Eastern European country with “More than $1 Billion in assistance direct” which is expected to come in the form of military, economic, and humanitarian aid, Biden revealed.

He also tried to allay Americans’ concerns over the Ukrainian crisis, reassuring them that the US is “It will be fine.

According to the US president, the current military conflict will eventually leave “Russia becomes weaker while the rest is stronger.

Speaking of his Russian counterpart, Biden claimed that “Putin has never been more isolated from the outside world than he is today” – a remark which members of Congress met with applause.

Since February 24, when Moscow launched its military offensive in Ukraine, the US along with its allies in Europe and Asia have slapped unprecedented sanctions on Russia, targeting, among other things, its central bank’s assets, major commercial banks, and the country’s leadership. Since then, more than 35 countries including Canada, the US and the EU have closed their skies to Russian aircraft.

Explaining the need for military intervention in the neighboring country, President Putin argued that Ukraine had to be “• Demilitarized and deazified” He also cited the need to protect the Russian-speaking population of the Donbass republics. The West and Ukraine insist this is just a pretext for invading a sovereign country and to establish a pro-Russian puppet state in Kiev.

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