Study reveals dangerous long-term effect of Covid-19 — Analysis

New research claims that kidney disease and coronavirus diseases are linked in a new study

According to scientific research, Covid-19 can infect kidney cells directly and cause serious damage to vital organs.

In a report published in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell on Friday, a group of researchers suggested that Covid-19 can cause serious complications affecting a patient’s kidneys.

“SARS-CoV-2 directly infects kidney cells and is associated with increased tubule-interstitial kidney fibrosis in patient autopsy samples,”According to this study, kidney failure is a possibility “is frequently observed during and after COVID-19,”It was previously inconclusive. “whether this is a direct effect of the virus.”

A condition known as kidneyfibrosis, which is characterised by scar tissue formation in an organ and may eventually result in end-stage renal failure.

Researchers infected a kidney with the virus and claimed the results showed that Covid-19 could be used. “directly infect kidney cells and induce cell injury with subsequent fibrosis.”

These results may explain why Covid-19 patients are more likely to sustain kidney damage than those without it, and how long-covid sufferers can develop chronic kidney disease.

Scientists have long observed kidney issues in Covid-19 patients, despite the virus’ reputation for damaging the lungs.

C. John Sperati was an associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. He warned last year that Covid-19 patients with kidney damage will not be able to recover.

Sperati said that Covid-19 patients may have kidney problems due to their pre-existing condition of diabetes and high bloodpressure, both of which increase the likelihood of getting kidney disease.

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