Interpol issues ‘red notice’ for Canadians over gangster’s murder — Analysis

Interpol, an international crime agency issued two “red notice”Two Canadian suspects have been arrested in the case of the assassination of an Indian Gangster in Phuket.

Matthew Leandre Ovide Dupre, 36, and Gene Karl Lahrkamp (36) were the names on the warrant. It is believed that they killed the Indian gangster in February.

Jimi ‘Slice’ Sandhu – whose nickname refers to a scar on his right cheek – was shot on the island of Phuket having flown there on a private jet from Malaysia in January, according to Thai police. According to Thai police, he had two forms of identification with him. Each one was a different identity.

Sandhu had lived in Canada before being charged in 2014. Sandhu was also charged with second-degree murder of another gangster in 2014.

Interpol stated that two Canadians wanted by Interpol had fled Thailand on February 6, and called them dangerous and armed. 

‘West has been destroyed without a shot fired’ – Russia

“I think this case is unique,”Khemmarin Haassiri is the commander of the Royal Thai Police’s foreign affairs section. “This is not just a hit and run, they have masterminded it, they would have someone who supported them in Canada and Thailand,”He told AFP.

Hassiri confirmed Interpol’s red alerts of late Monday, and stated that the Interpol investigation into the death of the 32 year-old was continuing.

CCTV footage was taken by police showing how the gunmen shot Sandhu ten times as they jumped from the trees near the villa. Interpol said that a GPS device was taped to the Indian’s car before the shooting.

The Bangkok Post reported that police discovered handbags in the amount of thousands of dollars as well multiple passports, 700,000 baht and handbags worth around $27,000. 

Hassiri claimed that Royal Thai Police were in touch with Canadian officials who advised them about Sandhu’s criminal activity. Media reports in Thailand claim that he was expelled from Canada in 2016.

Numerous news sources have reported that at least one of the wanted men was a former member of Canada’s Armed Forces with ties to British Columbia’s organized crime gangs.

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