Biden on Abortion Ruling: ‘This Is Not Over.’

President Joe Biden says he will do everything in his power to defend a woman’s right to have an abortion in states where it will be banned.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday an astonishing decision that invalidated Roe v. Wade, ending nearly 50 years constitutionally protected abortion. It is likely that the ruling will lead to abortion bans across about half of the US.

Biden decried the “extreme” court’s ruling, saying politicians should not be allowed to interfere with a decision that should be made between a woman and her doctor.

He called the decision “wrong, extreme and out of touch.”

He asked abortion opponents to continue peaceful demonstrations. He also called on Congress to take action, and voters to show their disapproval at Roe V. Wade.

Biden said: “You can have the final word. This is not over.”

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