Special-ops personnel probed for backing ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest — Analysis

Canada’s Special Operations Forces Command says it won’t tolerate its members taking part in vaccine-mandate protests 

Military investigators are investigating three Canadian Special Operations Forces members after they were accused of supporting ongoing anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa. The command stated that the investigation was a result of their statements. statementSunday  

“I have recently been advised of allegations that at least three CANSOFCOM [Canadian Special Operations Forces Command] members have been, in some form or another, supporting the ongoing protests in Ottawa,”General Major-General Steve Boivin stated.

It’s not clear whether the personnel took to the streets of the Canadian capital, joining the truckers and their supporters in person, or have otherwise stated their approval of the protest.

Boivin noted that one member of the military was in process of being discharged from his position at the time.

Will ‘freedom convoys’ escalate further in Europe?

Last Thursday was reported that the other two members were in process of termination. It is unclear what will happen to the third member who is an active-duty soldier. 

Boivin claimed that members of the force had “jeopardized the apolitical imperative”By expressing their support for protests “I expect our members to act in a way that demonstrates Canadian Armed Forces values and ethics, and to uphold them both on and off duty,”He stated.

Canadian officials, including Justin Trudeau, repeatedly called the protests an illegal blockade while effecively comparing truckers to the Nazis. Trudeau threatened those protesting along the US-Canada border or elsewhere with violence. “severe consequences”If they don’t disperse, then the Ottawa residents will be notified. “don’t deserve to be confronted with the inherent violence of a swastika… or a Confederate flag.”

Although peaceful demonstrations have been going on in Ottawa for over two weeks and are still causing chaos in the center of the city, the government has taken steps to secure a border crossing between the USA-Canada. It arrested those remaining, towing their vehicles, and took them into custody on Sunday. This was in response to a court injunction that allowed for police to crackdown against demonstrators who blocked the Ambassador Bridge. Operator of the bridge said Monday that it had been closed. “fully open”For traffic.

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