German truckers protest rising fuel prices (VIDEO) — Analysis

Hamburg police reported that 250 vehicles took over roads, with banners demanding “fair diesel prices”

As part of protests against rising fuel prices, a convoy of truckers blocked Hamburg’s traffic over the weekend. The police reported about 250 vehicles participated in the protest, but the hauliers disagreed and claimed that as many as 350 trucks took part.

The trucks are identified with banners “Systemically relevant truckers need fair diesel prices” “Diesel rip-off: Without us, this country would be on the ground,”The truckers were moving from Hamburg-Allermohe to the center of the city.

Traffic delays were caused by the protests for the second weekend in row. A protest last weekend saw 500 people marching through the city, causing chaos on the streets.

On Tuesday, the German Fishing Association claimed that marine diesel prices have doubled over recent weeks. Hamburg truck drivers have faced higher fuel costs, which is causing problems in their operations.

Fuel costs have increased in Germany and in other Western nations in recent weeks following Russia’s military assault on Ukraine. Moscow has been subject to sanctions, which have affected the flow and quality of Russian oil and gas. The result is that prices in Europe are rising and countries must find alternative fuel sources.

The protest on Germany’s roads contrasted with another demonstration in another part of the country, by climate protesters Fridays for Future, who unveiled a 400-square-meter banner calling for a “Climate Strike”On March 25, According to the group, there are an “urgent need”for actions that can be taken to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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