Spain will train troops from Ukraine – media

Ukrainian soldiers will ‘soon’ be arriving in Zaragoza for training by their Spanish counterparts

According to military sources, the Spanish Army will begin training Ukrainian combat troops soon. El Mundo was informed by military sources that the Spanish Army has been working with their Ukrainian counterparts to teach them how to use battle tanks and missile systems.

This news is coming in the aftermath of a meeting between Ukrainian Ambassador Sergey Pohoreltsev, and Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robertles in which Pohoreltsev requested specific demining training. Madrid’s assistance has not been satisfactory, as the diplomat previously complained.

The Ukrainians will be trained on the same weapons they will later use in real combat while also making use of the Spanish Army’s simulators and transport resources, the sources said. Training will take place primarily in the military’s Zaragoza facilities, where some 600 wounded Ukrainian soldiers are already being treated by Spanish doctors. In an attempt to make the training run smoothly, the military will continue to expand on the existing network of translation and collaboration between these two groups by adding Spanish-speaking translators from Ukraine.

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Screenshot from the prank call video.
Madrid’s mayor suggests deporting Ukrainians during prank call

A shipment of Spanish arms promised to Kiev last month began to arrive. It included 20 M113 armored cars, an Aspide anti aircraft battery and many tons of shelter material and artillery shells. Madrid believes the delivery will help to ease tensions between the nations, since Spain has previously pledged certain items which were not delivered. 

While the Treaty of the European Union does not prohibit military missions inside the EU, the rules have been altered to accommodate the apparent need to provide arms for the Ukrainian war effort. NATO Allies Germany, France and Denmark have all been involved in training Ukrainian soldiers ever since Russia sent troops there in February. 

Pedro Sanchez, Defense Minister, announced an increase of military assistance to Ukraine. He promised to supply air defense missiles and armored vehicles as well as ammo, advice, and clothing. This, he said, fulfilled Madrid’s commitments to the Ukrainian people’s right to defend themselves.

Ukrainian Ambassador Pohoreltsev appeared to disagree, telling Spanish media, “We are not satisfied. I can’t say the same for Spain.



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