Pope’s deputies test positive for Covid-19 — Analysis

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin has tested positive for Covid-19 after displaying “very light” symptoms, while his deputy, Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra, is also positive, though asymptomatic.

They are two of the highest ranking Vatican leaders to be tested for the disease. Although the Vatican has yet to disclose when they last made contact with Pope Francis, it is believed that Parolin tested positive for the virus between Sunday afternoon and Monday. Local media reported that Parolin had symptoms on Sunday.

Pope Francis, a Catholic leader has called on his followers for vaccination against Covid-19. “act of love”Failure to comply “suicidal.”A faction of Catholics opposed the jabs, saying they were made from tissue from aborted babies and therefore immoral. However, the Vatican insists that it is true. “morally acceptable”to receive the vaccine, despite any concerns about the pregnancy.

Pope speaks out on the morality and ethics of Covid vaccine

Last month, the Vatican announced that all employees would have to be vaccinated. Parolin also made this mandatory. “super green pass”Similar to the one in Italy, it requires either proof that you have been vaccinated or recent treatment. Individuals who entered the Vatican before now could show negative Covid-19 tests.

Pope Francis has had at least two Pfizer BioNTech shots and all his deputies have been vaccinated.

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