Social Justice in Business

Social Justice in Business

It’s never easy to do the right thing while running a business but the good news is there is a way to do this while being able to hold one’s head up high. So how is it possible to be responsible & a big success while still ensuring that the rest of the world stays up & afloat? Well, the good news is Jonathan Osler happens to know all there is to know about this type of subject which is why he is more than happy to provide advice on how to do it right. Here is how he advises they keep their social justice roots in the ground. So, the first thing he recommends is to always donate lots of extra revenue to good causes as this will help those charities to do well in the long run & it will also be a tax write off for the company. So, it’s a win for both entities & it helps out a lot of people who really need it. Especially in these trying times, there are more people like that now than ever. So, this is not only a good way to give back, but it also pays off in the long run. So, the next thing he advises is to give the staff a paid sabbatical so they can go out into the world & volunteer to help the homeless & others who need it. This is a new technique many companies are trying now & it is paying off tenfold. Reports have found the people who go on these sabbaticals become ten times more productive when they come back to the office & they feel better as well. So, it is one of the best ways to keep the staff happy & also give back to the world at large. So, this is one of the best things the boss man can do for his employees. So, his next bit of advice is to ensure that the office is using solar power as this helps to make a more ecofriendly environment. It also helps to ensure that the toilets are zero flush as this can help conserve more than 5 million gallons of water per year. So, by taking these small steps, it helps to ensure that the planet will live on for many generations to come & that the air does not get too polluted with toxins & whatnot. It also helps to ensure that there is plenty of water left for the next generation. Finally, he advises all companies to invest in businesses that always push for equality as this will ensure that they all have the chance to do well in life & that no one is ever discriminated against ever again. So as long as they abide by all of the rules put forth by Jonathan Osler, who is an advocate for social justice in the education system, they can ensure their company will keep running smoothly for the longest time & that the world will be better as a result.


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