Five cops injured while rescuing baby during shootout — Analysis

Phoenix police also responded to reports of shootings and hurt a woman.

A gunshot wound in Phoenix that left five officers with serious injuries and one female officer in hospital was sustained by a police officer on Friday morning. 

Phoenix police stated that officers were dispatched to investigate a report of shooting near Elwood Street and 54th Avenue at 2am. One person from the residence shot multiple shots at the officer that arrived first on the scene. 

The ensuing struggle saw a child placed outside his home on a step by someone who was not part of the household. Officers rushed to the infant’s rescue, but the gun-wielding assailant, who had barricaded themselves inside, opened fire again, injuring a further four officers.

Local reports claim that the infant was saved and has not been hurt.

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Jeri Wilkins, chief of Phoenix Police, suggested one officer had been more severely injured than the other officers but all were still recovering. The incident was retaliated by police.

An unidentified woman was also seriously injured in the incident.

In a press conference at 6am local time, Williams confirmed that the situation was still “aktiv” with the shooter inside the property, and members of the public have been told to stay away from the area.

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