Send Silent Messages, Animated Emojis, More on Telegram New Update

New updates that give the ability to send silent messages and animated emojis have been launched by instant messaging and voice over IP service Telegram. Silent messages refer to the ability to send messages to someone without making any sound. On selecting the option for the silent message, the sender can send the message to the receiver and the receiver’s device will not produce any sound for the same.

The update is available for both IOS and Android.

GSMArena reported, “Just press and hold the send button to choose the send without sound option.

This is a very innovate idea where if the person receiving the message is in an important meeting or somewhere important or if even is asleep, it will not be disturbed by the sound of the notification as the message can be sent without any sound.

Telegram in a blog post stated, “This also works in groups, should you get an urgent idea at five in the morning – but not urgent enough to wake up everyone in your work chat.

The report also added, “Another awesome new feature is video thumbnails and timestamps. When you scrub through a video, it will show a thumbnail so you know where you are in the video. Also, if you add a timestamp to a message with a video then clicking that timestamp will take you to that exact spot in the linked video.

The new update from Telegram also features emojis which will turn out to be animated when sent to someone. The emojis can also be played on looped or just once as per the choice.

Telegram also has an update for groups, the admins of the groups can now put titles for themselves which will display next to their names whenever they send a message in the group revealed the sources.


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