Smart-Home Solutions: The Future is Here

If you have noticed the huge number of digital devices and gadgets there are on the market today, there are going to be many more, as the 5G rollout will empower the Internet of Things (IoT). The data transfer speed of 5G is around 10 times the speed of the Broadband we all know and love, and with billions of digital devices controlled by AI, the stage is set for a new way of life and in this article, we take a look at the smart-home of the very near future.

Home Security

Of course, security is essential for any residence and the smart-home would have a state-of-the-art CCTV system that is controlled by AI and should there be any movement outside, the sensors would pick this up and the cameras would all face that direction. When a person enters your driveway, a pre-recorded message might ask the person to identify themself and as the system knows the voices of all the home occupants, it can quickly discover who the person is. All of the exterior lighting would work on motion sensors, coming on when there is movement, although the system recognises animals and won’t do anything if a cat or dog comes walking past.

Home Management

The robotics sector is developing at full speed and it won’t be long before you can buy humanoid robots that will perform duties around the house. This will merge will AI; can you imagine coming home after a hard day and your robot sits down and listens to you as you get things off your chest! Machine learning is making progress in leaps and bounds and your home help will learn more about you as time passes, becoming more of a friend and companion than you could ever imagine. If you would like the best thermal and sound insulation in your home, talk to Melbourne’s leading uPVC double glazing company who can quote for made to measure windows and doors that will last for many years.

Digital Devices

There’s no reason why your cooker or heating system doesn’t send a report to the manufacturer every few months, as the Internet of Things will be a global grid that is used for device-to-device connectivity. Your dishwashing machine can tell your smart-home control to contact the service engineer when it is due to be serviced, while your HVAC system would be sending data back to the manufacturer about performance and maintenance. If you are leading an inactive lifestyle because of the lockdown, here are a few tips on how to get active again.

Solar Energy

Australia is leading the world with regards to solar power and the government offer attractive financial incentives to homeowners that change to solar energy and the smart-home would control the system, switching from the solar panels to the lithium batteries as and when needed. This would mean you have zero energy costs outside of the initial investment of the solar energy system and you will no longer be dependent on the energy corporations that like to hike their prices.

The home of 2070 will be amazing and over the next decade, you can expect to see more and more smart solutions, as we move to the next stage of our evolution.



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