Shooter rams US Capitol barricade — Analysis

According to police, a man drove his vehicle into a wall at Washington DC’s Capitol on Sunday morning. He then fired several shots in the air before shooting himself with his gun. According to reports, the suspect may have set fire to his vehicle before taking his own life.

The incident took place just after 4am, with US Capitol Police saying that the man’s car “became engulfed in flames”After the collision, he got out of his vehicle. He fired several shots at the sky and then shot himself while officers were approaching.

No one else was injured and officers responding did not fire their weapons.

Capitol Police investigators are currently looking into the man’s background but said on Sunday that it does not appear that he was targeting any members of Congress, who are currently on recess.

‘Imagine if he had AR-15’: Liberals demand GUN CONTROL after car & knife Capitol attack, as ‘white supremacist’ narrative crumbles

Fox News reports that the suspect, who was not identified by Fox News, set fire to the car and then drove through the vehicle barricade.

One photo that was shared via social media shows the car’s burned hull being taken from the site later in the day. 

It occurred one year after another man drove his car into Capitol security barriers, injuring one Capitol Police officer. According to journalists, the assailant was a Nation of Islam follower. He lunged at officers and held a knife in his hand.

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