At Natixis, John Hailer Heralded Philanthropy Efforts

John Hailer is a notable figure in the field of corporate philanthropy. His leadership as the CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management made corporate social responsibility and philanthropy fundamental values of the company. Natixis carried out several charitable programs that had a profound impact on the communities they served. One of these was the establishment of the Natixis Foundation for Research and Innovation in 2012. Under Natixis’ John Hailer, its main objective was to fund research in economics, finance, and mathematics that would support the development of innovative financial solutions and address some of the world’s pressing economic issues, including climate change.

Give Back Program

Moreover, Natixis instituted the Natixis Investment Managers’ Give Back Program in 2013. This program urged Natixis employees to volunteer their time and skills to assist non-profit organizations in their localities. The company granted employees two days of paid time off each year for volunteering, promoting community engagement and social responsibility. Through this initiative, Natixis staff supported several causes, such as youth mentoring programs, environmental conservation groups, food banks, and homeless shelters.

Additionally, Natixis supported charitable programs that advanced education, health, and financial literacy. It also promoted diversity, inclusion, equality, and social justice.

John Hailer’s Personal Philanthropy

Apart from his work at Natixis, John Hailer is also involved in personal philanthropic ventures. He significantly funds academic institutions that advocate for education and cultural organizations that promote the arts.

Hailer’s personal philanthropic focus is on backing individuals and organizations that promote social justice and equality. He has been a staunch supporter of civil rights and has financially aided organizations working on issues such as voter suppression, police brutality, and income inequality. Hailer has also been an environmental advocate, investing significantly in groups that advance sustainable development, renewable energy, conservation, and responsible investing.

About John Hailer

John Hailer is an exceptional leader in the finance and corporate philanthropy world. His efforts have greatly impacted society, and his legacy is evident in Natixis’s values, as well as his personal contributions to the advancement of various causes. He has been recognized widely for his philanthropic ventures. As such, Hailer is credited for creating the Adopt-A-School Program in partnership with the City of Boston and the John Winthrop Elementary School in Dorchester. Adopt-A-School provided much-needed supplies to schools in need through initiatives like holiday gift drives, school supply drives, and mentorship programs.

John Hailer has also been a committed advocate for eradicating homelessness in the Boston area. He spoke to the Boston Globe in 2014 regarding the importance of supporting organizations that work with this population.

In addition to his prolific philanthropic work, John Hailer remains a successful leader in the realm of finance. Currently, Hailer serves as the Diffractive Asset Managers Chairman. Diffractive is a “distribution partner to a highly select group of affiliate investment managers, bringing creative and impactful strategies to the market to address evolving client needs.” Before this appointment, John Hailer served as the CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management. Prior to his appointment at Natixis, John Hailer was the President and CEO of New England Funds, and the Senior Vice President of Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, Inc.


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