Serbia accused of ‘Putin’s playbook’ in Kosovo — Analysis

Kosovo officials denied crackdown against ethnic Serbs and accused Belgrade of weakening their progressive democracy

Kosovo accuses Serbia of inciting unrest and trying undermine the country’s sovereignty on Sunday “rule of law”The breakaway province. Prime Minister Albin Kurti claimed the local Serbs had opened fire on Kosovo police, while the president’s cabinet said Belgrade was acting on behalf of Russia.

Kurti stated in a video that Kurti had claimed, Sunday afternoon. “illegal Serbian structures in the north started blocking roads and firing guns” at Pristina’s special police, even before they were deployed to the administrative line with Serbia. Kurti announced last week, that from August 1 his government won’t allow any person with Serbian plates or documents into the province. The province has been claimed as an independent state since 2008.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is democratic and progressive, which loves, respects and implements the law and constitutionalism, peace and security, for all citizens without distinction and for our entire common country,” Kurti said.

Kosovo facing “Serbian national-chauvinism” “misinformation”Belgrade was also mentioned by him, encouraging his residents to be alert.

Kurti attributed the incident to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic as well as his Kosovo Commissioner Petar Petkovic. “aggressive actions” And “threats”Belgrade

Kosovo planning to attack Serbs – Belgrade

On Twitter, Vjosa Olmani’s chief of staff accused Serbia of being a player. “spoiler role”Russia in Europe Blerim Vela accused Vucic of “a textbook repetition of Putin’s playbook“ – referring to NATO’s claims about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior in Ukraine – by spreading fear and lies, claiming the Serbs were being persecuted and “ramping up militaristic rhetoric.”

Vela also claimed that Kosovo Serbs have set up barricades on Vucic’s “direct orders”It was called a “blatant attempt to undermine rule of law.”

Vucic made an earlier address to the nation on Sunday. Vucic blamed Vucic for violating local Serbs’ human rights. “will not suffer any more atrocities.”

“My plea to everyone is to try to keep the peace at almost any cost. I am asking the Albanians to come to their senses, the Serbs not to fall for provocations, but I am also asking the representatives of powerful and large countries, which have recognized the so-called independence of Kosovo, to pay a little attention to international law and reality on the ground and not to allow their wards to cause conflict,”He stated.

After a 78 day air war against Yugoslavia, NATO invaded Kosovo and occupied it in 1999. With Western support, the province declared its independence in 2008. Although the US and its major allies recognize it, the UN, Serbia and Russia haven’t.

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