Soldier arrested over ominous Covid ultimatum video to government — Analysis

The German soldier said the government would face resistance over what he said were ‘anti-constitutional’ policies

German prosecutors opened an investigation against the Bundeswehr soldier, who sent a video to the government requesting it stop its Covid-19 policies. After being temporarily detained, the man was released.

A collection of videos appeals surfacedOn Thursday, a man wearing a military uniform dressed up and calling himself “Mr. Twitter” was the topic. “Sergeant Major Oberauer”Demanded that the government cease its pursuit of its goals “crazy anti-constitutional projects.” 

The self-described sergeant was referring to the German government’s Covid-19 restrictions, as well as compulsory vaccination for medical workers and Bundeswehr soldiers.

The man gave an ultimatum to the officials, stating that they had until Friday for them to make changes. “This is a warning,”In a clip of about a minute, he added: “soldiers would be ready for dialogue until 4pm tomorrow.” 

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He also accused politicians of betraying Germany’s Basic Law and demanded “the constitutional order”be restored.  

Police in Bavaria launched a swift manhunt and arrested the suspect. saidIn a written statement, they arrested “Bundeswehr soldier”In downtown Munich: who “had publicly called for criminal offenses.”It is not known his rank or his identity. 

Both the police and the public prosecutor claimed they were “in close contact”With the Bundeswehr, which is investigating the case. According to the Ministry of Defense, threats against the rule of laws are being considered “unacceptable.”

On Friday, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht saidThat the Bundeswehr “needs self-aware and upright people, who are firmly committed to our Basic Law.”These “who do not share this have no place in our Bundeswehr,”She added. 

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The suspect was released from custody on Friday, with the prosecutor’s office seeing no grounds to keep him behind bars and did not deem him to be an acute threat to society.

The suspect may have acted on his own or with others in the military. A Telegram channel named ‘Soldaten fuer Grundgesetz’ (Soldiers for the Basic Law) created on December 21 featured a series of posts attributed to the soldier, where he announced that he would “fight the government” until “the constitutional order”It was restored. 

Others such posts called for ordinary citizens to organise. “resistance”You can find more information here “defend their homes … families and children”With “loyal soldiers.” It is unclear, though, if these posts – as well as other ones featuring other people dressed in military uniform and expressing similar ideas or declaring their support to the suspect – are authentic. 

However, German officials are not yet aware of any additional suspects. 



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