Israel hits targets in Gaza second time in two days — Analysis

The Israeli military stated that strikes have been launched to stop the rocket being fired from the Enclave.

Israel struck two targets in Gaza, one of which is a Hamas weapon factory, as a retaliation to an attack from the Palestinian enclave against the Israeli town Sderot.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, one rocket was fired from Gaza last night. 

“In response, fighter jets attacked an underground facility producing rocket engine components. This attack will cause significant damage to the rocket production process in the Gaza Strip,”They made the following statement.

An IDF spokesperson said that attempts to bring down the planes were unsuccessful by Hamas’ controlled enclave. But, Israel was able to launch a second strike this time, targeting the airplanes. “a military compound used by the Hamas terrorist organization.”

Israel explains reason for Gaza strikes

The second raid saw the firing of gunshots trigger the Iron Dome Israeli air defense system. This malfunction is currently under investigation, according to the IDF.

The Times of Israel, citing a medics’ statement, reported that three people had received treatment for debris-related injuries following a strike from Gaza.

Hamas responded to last night’s events by saying that it would “increase the persistence”about the Palestinians, and their commitment “to continue the struggle.”

This firefight appears to have triggered a new round of tensions between Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. In a similar episode on Tuesday, the IDF struck several targets in the Gaza strip, claiming the move was in retaliation for the rocket fired at Israel from the Palestinian enclave – the first one in almost four months.

These incidents come after several days of violence at either the Temple Mount compound (as the Jews refer to it) or Al-Aqsa complex (as the Palestinians refer to it), as well as a string of terror attacks on Israel in the recent weeks. This compound can be found in east Jerusalem. It has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. Security there is the responsibility of Israel’s Jewish state.

Temple Mount is considered to be the holiest place in Judaism. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the south part of the complex, is third in Islam.

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