Public health response to Covid-19 lags behind data & doesn’t weigh real risks, vaccine researcher Robert Malone tells RT — RT World News

Researcher Dr. Robert Malone says that mandates actually encourage vaccine hesitancy within groups who need them most. Meanwhile, public health responses often lag months behind data, instead of adapting to it.

“The same mistakes keep getting made again and again,”In an interview with RT on Thursday, Malone explained. The fundamental error, he explained, is that the public health community is structured to make decisions by consensus, so it is slow to react to data and is always 4-6 months behind the curve – instead of looking forward and adapting based on new information. 

The distortion of public policy also occurs in the context of “totally inappropriate” involvement by wealthy sponsors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he added. also available
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Malone was involved in vaccine design for many decades. In fact, he is one of the researchers who created mRNA technology that is used today by Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech. However, he was criticized by the medical establishment for trying to find cures and opposing mandatory vaccinations during the coronavirus epidemic.

“It’s the obligation of the world health community to provide clear, transparent, compelling evidence in favor of the vaccine product uptake in the relevant groups. It’s not their job to provide mandates,”He stated.

I strongly oppose vaccine mandates. From a bioethical perspective, I strongly believe that such mandates are wrong.

The argument was that mandating the vaccinations is actually encouraging vaccine hesitancy among high-risk individuals who are required to get them. Malone stated to RT that there is strong evidence vaccination has benefits for the elderly, morbidly obese, immunocompromised, and other high-risk groups.

The US public health officials have always broken down the risk-benefit ratio into age groups or categories. This ratio exists currently “does not support vaccination”Malone suggested that mRNA jabs were given to children and young adults as well, for the following reasons: “there’s no question that the [Pfizer] vaccine has an association with myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescents, particularly in young men but also in young girls.” also available
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“The problem is that we’ve been told we’re all at high risk for the disease and death associated with this virus. There’s no gentle way to put it: That is a lie,”Malone stated that Covid-19 is most harmful to the elderly and obese. Malone pointed out the fact that “emerging economies” and African countries – where obesity isn’t as widespread as in the industrialized nations of the West – have a lower incidence of severe cases and deaths. 

The data for Africa has been difficult to explain by scientists. Scientists suggest low testing and increased immunity to other diseases. As of July 20,21, the African continent had a vaccination rate less than 2 percent. While cases have increased and there has been an increase in deaths, it still falls behind Western countries.

Malonesays he supports what the World Health Organization and Western governments have termed ‘vaccine equity’, in the sense that the elderly and the vulnerable need to be prioritized. 

“We should have more vaccine equity in terms of making products available to the [elderly] in particular,”RT was informed by Malone. “The elders are the institutional memory, essentially. They’re the memory and the wisdom in communities as small as local villages and up to national governments.”

I think it’s a travesty that these vaccines are not being made available.

However, governments all over the globe are pushing for mandatory vaccinations, even for pregnant women. Malone stated that there is no evidence to support this claim.

Historically, vaccinations in pregnancy are not recommended until there is “clear and convincing data” that they are safe, according to Malone. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States issued a first recommendation.

“We don’t have the data, there was a recommendation made in the absence of data, and the studies to determine the data”CDC announced that they would be launching them shortly after. “which as a scientist and a physician I find upside down,”He stated. 

The CDC recommends that August 2021 be the start of a peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed study involving 2,456 “pregnant persons”You can enroll in an “voluntary smartphone-based surveillance system,”Infected with the mRNA vaccinations. According to the CDC, the cumulative risk for miscarriage was 12.8% in those who were vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. “similar to the expected”11.2-16% in the general populace. also available
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Malone’s criticism of the government response to Covid-19 has made him a target of what he calls “character assassination,” with the media labeling him an ‘anti-vaxxer’, a purveyor of ‘health misinformation’, and worse.

“This is a classic Western media strategy to delegitimize people that are not complying with the dominant narrative,”He stated. “I have consistently spoken in favor of vaccination of high-risk groups. I’ve never wavered from that position.”

He also says he took the Moderna vaccine early on, after having ‘Long Covid’, and has been frank about the side effects he suffered.

A lot of media-scare porn and misrepresentation is going on. Some of this is deliberate.

You can watch the whole interview.

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