3 Big Predictions About Business Workforce Trends

From online meetings to virtual happy hours, much has changed about how people work and communicate in recent years. For many office employees, cubicles and conference rooms were replaced by home office spaces and fun background filters on web meeting solutions. Now that employees have started returning to the office, many business managers are trying to figure out what the new company workforce will look like. If you’re wondering what your business has to look forward to, take a look at these three predictions about ongoing business trends. 

1. Hybrid Staff Will Be Common

While offices start to buzz with activity again, many employees will have the opportunity to continue working from home. A recent survey of the financial industry revealed that almost 74% of CFOs plan to shift at least a portion of their staff to work remotely permanently. Meanwhile, one expert has predicted that working from home a few days a month will be common for 70% of the workforce by 2025. It will be important for your teams to have the tools to work together smoothly when not everybody is in the office.

2. Businesses Will Emphasize Sustainability

Consumers are increasingly asking companies they buy from to be more socially responsible. In fact, almost 90% of consumers have said they hold favorable views of businesses that support environmental issues. Businesses that aim to be more sustainable can consider doing so by having some employees work from home. Experts estimate that businesses that allow employees to work half of their time remotely can save thousands of dollars per year on office upkeep and expenses, and it also saved energy on commutes.

3. Video Conferencing Will Be Critical

Calling a friend or co-worker and seeing a face is no longer a dream of science fiction. Today, video conferencing has become a common aspect of conducting business, and it appears to be sticking around for the long haul. Organizations must adapt to having some of their employees working from home occasionally or permanently. That means web meetings will be crucial for businesses to maintain communication and facilitate collaboration.   

Companies that evolve and adapt to situations tend to be the most successful, and adjusting to current workforce trends is no different. In the future, businesses can expect to need to adapt to a hybrid workforce, sustainable practices, and new communication tools. Figuring out all three can put you on the road to success.

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