Proposed bill aims to remove important exemption from vaccine mandate — Analysis

California’s new legislation would prohibit parents from using personal convictions to refuse vaccinations for their children against Covid-19.

The Keep Schools Open and Safe Act was introduced by Richard Pan, a state senator. It would ban exemptions from Covid vaccinations based on beliefs. 

Pan, a Sacramento-area pediatrician said the pandemic had caused “a lot of problems.” “disruption, anxiety, and trauma”This legislation will bring benefits to the families of the state. “confidence and certainty”To them. 

“What we’re saying is that if you choose not to vaccinate your child, there’s a consequence,”The senator spoke to The San Francisco Chronicle as he defends the bill.

Pan proposed that students in kindergarten to 12th grades must be vaccinated against Covid-19 starting January 23, 2023. This is if they are interested in attending classes in person. Unvaccinated students cannot attend school at this point unless they are granted medical exemption.

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The Governor has established school vaccine requirements. Gavin Newsom. This mandate in the current version envisages exemptions for both personal and medical beliefs and is expected to go into effect late this year.  

Pan acknowledged his proposal goes further than Newsom’s, insisting that his law, if passed, would expand on the governor’s order.

“Gov. Newsom got out front, he issued his executive order, but a state law would make it much more certain and less likely to be challenged in court,”He stated. 

California is undergoing multiple legal challenges related to Covid-19. An additional proposal was made by another member of California State Senate. This bill would permit minors above 12 years old to be vaccinated without their consent. 

Weiner asserted when he presented his idea that children in the state were being prevented from having their vaccines administered by parents. 

“We have almost a million 12- to 17-year-olds who are not vaccinated, and many want to be but their parents won’t let them or aren’t prioritizing getting them the vaccine,”He stated. 



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