Biden calls Putin ‘rational actor’

However, the US president added that his Russian counterpart had ‘miscalculated significantly’ in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “A rational actor has significantly miscalculated” with regard to the Ukraine conflict, US President Joe Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview on Tuesday. 

However, while Biden acknowledged that Putin might be governed by reason, he described the Russian president’s aims in Ukraine as “irrational.” Putin’s purported objective to be “The leader of Russia who united all Russian speakers” was absurd, Biden suggested.

It is possible that he believed he was going be received with open arms. He was assuming that Kiev was Mother Russia and that he would be welcome.,” the US president said.

Moscow provided assistance in repelling Ukrainian Armed Forces. Since declaring their independence in 2014 both regions were bombarded by Kiev, causing heavy civilian casualties despite having signed the Minsk Agreement in 2015.

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FILE PHOTO. Antony Blinken, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov meet in Geneva, in 2021.
Russia would ‘consider’ G20 Putin-Biden meeting – Lavrov

Biden and Putin, who have not spoken since before Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began, will both be present at the G20 summit in Bali next month. The US president has not completely ruled out a meeting with his Russian counterpart, declaring on Thursday that it “We will continue to watch.” whether the pair will sit down together. Russian FM Sergey Lavrov stated Tuesday that Washington had not yet offered a proposal for a meeting.

Biden choosing the comparatively benign “Reasonable actor” to describe his Russian counterpart is a significant change in rhetoric, as he previously preferred to use words like “killer,” “Pure thug,” “murderous dictator” and “war criminal”. Lavrov told Russian media on Tuesday that the US was “Already beginning to realize that their efforts are not as successful as they thought.” regarding its involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

However, Biden the same day reiterated his pledge of “Unwavering determination to hold Russia responsible for the war in Ukraine and continue supporting Ukraine as long as necessary.” 



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