How to Make Your Home Office More Efficient

Having a home office is something that many dream about and those that are self employed will tell you that it’s great but it can be a complete disaster if you aren’t highly disciplined. While you do have the freedom to set your own hours and you don’t have to commute to work, there are plenty of other distractions that can kill your productivity.

Also, working from home doesn’t mean sitting on your couch with the TV on and working from your laptop. You have to have a dedicated work space, and actual “office,” if you want this type of working arrangement to be effective.

There are some things that you can do to make sure you create the most effective and productive work environment for yourself, so let’s jump right in and go over these now.

Remove All Distractions

“The only way you will remain laser focused working from home is making sure you don’t have anything that could possibly distract you in your home office,” says Chris Dziak of Pure Nootropics. “There is no need for a big screen TV in your home office or a video game console.”

Keep your office environment all work related. When you start to introduce outside element in, that just gives you excuses to be distracted. It’s already hard enough, so don’t set yourself up for failure when there is no need for it. If you need to make big changes, search for contractors that are local and can do the job correctly. You don’t want to make any mistakes because you rush the job or don’t know where the electrical wires run in the wall, for example. Call in the professionals.

Have a Closed Door Policy

If you have litle kids at home or a spouse that is also home during the day you are going to need boundaries. Kids don’t know any better and they will think they can come play with you at any time and who can blame them, right?

But you will have to let them know that when your office door is closed that means no interruptions. Sure, if you are waiting for files to download or have some time to kill, open the door and then they will know it’s ok to pop their head in.

“Working from home is a great luxury but if you allow distractions you can bet that you will be flooded with them,” offers Chris Moberg of Slumber Search. “The best option is to set boundaries from the start.”

Set It Up Far Away From The Kitchen

While this seems funny, it’s also a problem many say they have. Not only does having a home office next to unlimited snacks create an opportunity to be sidetracked, it also can lead to eating out of boredom and extra weight gain.

Don’t Make It Too Comfortable

You don’t need a leather wrap around sectional sofa in your home office. That will just make it too comfortable and you may find yourself napping more than working.

“Too many luxuries and comforts in a home office can be counter productive,” says Darryl Howard of NuWays MD. You want to make it nice of course, but performance over comfort should be the goal.”

Remember, your home office is a place for work. You can make the other rooms in your house comfortable — the office is where the money is made.

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