Three killed in Israeli airstrikes, Syria says

Syrian media reported that Israeli planes launched missiles against the Tartus area and surrounding suburbs in Damascus.

According to a Syrian military source, three soldiers died and three others were injured in an Israeli air strike on Damascus suburbs. The attack was confirmed by SANA news agency. According to reports, the missiles were fired from Lebanese territory at Tartus and Damascus. 

The country’s air defenses had engaged “Violent targets” over Tartus, SANA reports.

Israeli tanks shot two civilians in Golan Heights near al-Hamidiyah on Friday.

Israel attacked Damascus last month and killed 8 people, five of them civilians. It also wounded 7 others. SANA reports that the missiles were launched from the Golan Heights. 

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Turkey vows to work with Syria against ‘terrorists’

Israel burned much of Damascus International Airport June. This forced the country to change flights through Aleppo. Multiple runways, hangars, control towers, and other facilities were damaged. 

Israel frequently bombs Syria but does not acknowledge it publicly. The US reportedly increased its illicit trade in Syrian oil. On Saturday, the US transferred 89 tanks of fuel to Iraq, hours after another 60-tanker crossing the border. 

The Syrian Oil Ministry accused the US earlier this month of stealing a whopping 83% of Syria’s daily oil production, imposing losses of $105 billion since the beginning of the war. Video has been taken of military convoys allegedly smuggling oil from Syria into Iraq through illegal border crossings. 



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