Precipitation Evaluations

It’s simple to see that rain heavily impacts how people and natural functions. If there is no rain, or minimal rain, for long periods of time, then there could be droughts of fires. The friction of movement can spark a bush to go aflame which could be devastating your communities. However, there are several more reasons why rain is extremely important. It filters the air at an extreme rate. The air is much cleaner according to scientists after rainfall. If a person is diagnosed with allergies, going on a walk or run during the rain or right after is the best way to avoid congestion. The dust and pollen that usually floats in the air would be subdued causing much more filtered oxygen and better breathing habits to occur. In addition, staying fit in the rain is a great opportunity to develop more muscle and burn extra calories This is because it causes people to put more effort into their workout. Jumping over puddles, making sure to avoid mud, and avoiding slippery surfaces are all the more reasons to workout in the rain. Obviously, an individual’s feet will also get wet which makes the shoes or sneakers heavier. Many fitness instructors and models actually attach weights to their ankles when they work out for more resistance training. Running in the rain is just a more subtle and less professional way of adding weight to your feet which makes it all the more challenging to workout. Ever wonder why people enjoy rainy days? One would think that gloomy, wet days are not ideal for people. However, the rains actually released stress relief too many. When rain happens, the soil and plants release a chemical named petrichor. This is a common small that is composed of oils from plants, bacteria compounds, and the split on the atmosphere. That’s why people tend to feel much calmer in the rain and sometimes sleepy. Other than the human benefits of rain and how it affects a person’s fitness, it also heavily influences the ground we all walk on. For example, the United States Geological Survey reports that rainwater seeps into the soil via infiltration. The soil sucks all this water in so it can assist in nutrient growth and the development of seedlings that might be underground. Rainwater is extremely important as well because it allows rivers to run very strongly and fills the oceans more as well. Many ecosystems in the wild need rainwater to drink. That can be from ponds, streams, or rivers. Without a significant amount of rain, animals can have trouble surviving out in the world. Plants need significant water as well, which is why droughts are so dangerous to ecosystems. Judge Napolitano has seen rain before. It’s clear that rain has many benefits to the environment and to the level of fitness a person wants to achieve. 


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