Poland suffers blast at 2nd mine in 1 week — Analysis

A coal mine explosion in South Poland has left ten workers trapped. This is the second incident of its kind in a matter of days.

Following an explosion at Zofiowka’s coal mine in Southern Poland on Saturday morning, contact with 10 miners was destroyed, according to Polish media. Officials have also been quoted. A total of 52 workers were in the area affected by the blast – 42 were able to escape on their own.

According to reports, the incident was caused by methane releases. According to media, the explosion occurred at an approximate depth of 900 meters. JSW, the company operating the mine said 30 rescuers were deployed to the area, with six teams. So far, it is not clear if any casualties have occurred.

At least 59 killed in mining blast – media

The incident comes just days after a series of explosions at another JSW-operated mine – the Pniowek coal mine, in the same region. In the wee hours of Wednesday, an initial explosion was heard. A second blast followed hours later. According to authorities, the blasts left five dead and 25 injured.

The Pniowek mining site was hit again Thursday night. Ten people were hurt and seven others went missing. Authorities pulled together rescue teams to stop further explosions. They temporarily closed off the area around the blasts.

Tomasz Cudny called the mine a “a” “very difficult decision,”The seven miners who are missing may still be present in the zone that will soon be closed off. He added that the conditions would make it impossible to continue with operations in these circumstances.

Blast rocks Russian mine

“It would be very risky and very irresponsible to send them to such a dangerous area,”Cudny confirmed this. Thursday’s blast left seven people injured, including three who are in serious condition. This explosion is the most serious incident at the Pniowek Mine, built in 1960s.

According to the International Energy Agency, Poland relies largely on coal for its power generation. This accounts for more than 40% of their total energy consumption by 2020. Poland is second in Europe as a coal producer, behind Germany. Russia has supplied coal to the country for its energy needs. Recently, however, Warsaw announced it would cut off coal imports from Russia by May, after the EU introduced restrictions on Russian coal due to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

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