Poland buys used US tanks after Germany’s snub — Analysis

Warsaw plans to use M1 Abrams main combat tanks as a replenishment of its stocks after it sends weapons to Kiev 

Poland is buying 116 M1 Abrams main battlefield tanks used by the US to fill the gap in its armored vehicles that it delivered to Ukraine.  

Warsaw and the White House have reached an understanding, the Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said to Polish news agency IAR Friday. 

According to the agency, the US-made tank would replace more than 240 Soviet-era T-72 tanks that were transferred from Poland to Ukraine in April.  

Poland had initially planned to purchase German Leopard 2 tank replacements. The deal was not completed, and the Polish president Andrzej Da accused Berlin in May of violating its promises.

Steffen Hebestreit, the German government’s spokesman, said at the time that Berlin was “perplexed”These are the accusations. According to him, Poland had requested the new Leopard 2A7 tank tanks. But the German army only owned a few of them.

US Defense Spending is at an all-time high

A separate agreement was signed by the USA and Poland in April to acquire 250 Abrams tanks for Warsaw.  

After Russia’s military attack on the neighbouring country in February, many Western nations including EU countries have supplied Ukraine with heavy weaponry.

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