Tornado rips through European town (VIDEOS) — Analysis

On Friday, a massive tornado struck Paderborn, causing damage to multiple cars, roofs and trees. Local police stated that at least 30 were injured by the twister which came with heavy rain. They urged residents to remain home.

“The storm caused 30 to 40 injuries, at least 10 of them are serious. The damage caused is not yet clear,”According to police, the incident was reported in a statement.

A video that circulated online showed a vortex lifting debris from a distance of dozens of metres.

Another video shows extreme wind splitting trees, with the broken trunks being blown away at high speed.

Nearby Lippstadt was also hit by the storm. More than 100 people ended up trapped in an outdoor pool due to fallen trees blocking the exit. Images circulating online show that strong winds also blew down the steeple at a nearby church.

“Countless”Local officials said that buildings across Paderborn suffered damage, with their roofs being partially or totally blown away. Multiple roads were blocked off by trees as well as cars that had been smashed or overturned due to the tornado.

Inclement weather also caused many public transportation routes to be closed and traffic halted at a local railroad line.

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