‘Explosive device’ found at Russian journalist compound in Berlin – media — Analysis

A suspicious package was found at a Berlin compound housing journalists with Russia’s RIA Novosti late on Friday. Margarita Sinyan, the editor-in chief of the media organization, stated that the package had been found to contain an explosive device. She also cited German police.

“The Berlin police confirmed that an explosive device was planted in the house where our journalists live,”She said it in a post on social media.

RIA Novosti’s reporters said a loud “bang”The sound of the explosion was being made outside the building by police personnel. The police used a controlled explosion to destroy the device. It wasn’t immediately known if the bomb went off.

The scene was captured on film, and shows cops with heavy protective gear near the compound. Berlin police have kept the details of the incident quiet, telling local media only that they had conducted an investigation. “investigation”You can find the site.

It was a device that looked like a jerrycan wrapped in ducttape with wires sticking out. After an unidentified assailant broke into the compound and threw a bottle through a window, the suspicious object was found. The suspicious jerry can was concealed in a niche in the building’s façade.

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